If you are not Danish, there are in some cases special rules for international buyers.

We can assist all international buyers with puchasing their new home in Denmark. We can also help you understand the general rules and procedures.

As an international buyer you might sometimes have a lot of questions related to acquiring a home in Denmark. The process and rules are most likely not the same as in your home country.

We can help you with answering all your questions and make sure you get a safe process during the purchase. We will also handle the dialogue with the estate agent and the banks etc. Thus, we can provide you with all personal legal advice throughout the entire process.

This English section on the website includes only the main topics related especially to international buyers. You can see more detailed information about our legal assistance and prices in the menu “Ydelser” and “Priser” – however, they are written in Danish.

Do You Need a Permission?

If you are from a country outside EU/EEA/Switzerland and haven’t lived in Denmark for a minimum of five years, you need a permission to buy a home in Denmark.

See more information about applying for the permission at Department of Civil Affairs (Civilstyrelsen). Please note, you can apply for a permission online if you have NemID/MitID. Note that you can only apply for a specific home. Therefore, you must have a sales presentation or a purchase agreement for the home you want to purchase before you can apply.

You can normally only get a permission if you plan on using the home as your permanent residence. Summerhouses can therefore not be acquired before you have lived in Denmark for five years.


If you are a national of an EU/EEA country (or Switzerland), you can normally acquire a permanent dwelling in Denmark without permission from the Department of Civil Affairs. Instead, you must file a declaration with the Danish Land Registration Court (Tinglysningsretten). We take care of that when we register your deed.

In the declaration to the Land Registration Court you must declare that:

  • You are a national of an EU/EEA country (or Switzerland)
  • The property will be used as your permanent dwelling
  • The property is not a summer house or will be used as such

At the same time you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You are an employee in Denmark or another EU/EEA country
  • You have sufficient funds to support yourself
  • You have an EU/EEA residence card
  • You plan to be self-employed
  • You plan to open a branch or an agency or provide services in Denmark